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Welcome to the Pastor's Desk of
Senior Pastor Frank Douglas


Pastor Frank Douglas

Happy 25th Anniversary Celebration Greetings

And Ministry Vision 2025

As I reflect on the rich history and ministry accomplishments of North Park Worship Centre (A Ministry of the Church of God of Prophecy), it is certainly true that God-centred vision has played a pivotal role in the inception, exponential growth and accomplishments of North Park.  Overall, it was through a God-centered vision that each previously appointed Pastor has faithfully served this local church and the community.  Indeed, they have relied on a God-centered vision to accomplish God’s divine purpose throughout the history of North Park.  I salute Pastor Fitzroy Matthews and Pastor Mark Lawrence and their spouses; all former Pastors, their spouses and families; past and present Ministers and Members and friends of North Park, for your hard work, sacrificial giving and strong resolve to fulfill a God-centered vision.  Over the years, North Park has served the Members and residents of the City of Brampton and beyond.

We are obligated to thank, praise and worship our God for fulfilling His promises to us.  God has been gracious, merciful and faithful.  The future is filled with vistas of new vision, hope and opportunities but also some challenges.  I encourage us to focus on the hopes and possibilities of the many opportunities, to advance the Kingdom of God.  Our local church theme is “Anointed to Advance God’s Kingdom”.  This missional theme is in alignment with our local church vision: to see the reign of God in people’s lives.  Simply put, the vision of our local church is to reap the harvest of souls.  Our mission is to advance the Kingdom of God through the fulfillment of the Great Commission and living out the Great Commandment. The Great Commission is the focal point of all ministry endeavours in our local church.  For the continued growth of the local church, I challenge each member to engage in personal evangelism.  Commit to making personal evangelism your goal to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I challenge you to win at least five souls for Jesus each year.     

Over the seven years, we will embark on another dimension of expanding our local church ministry to facilitate the growth of our local church and Maranatha Christian Academy, our local church school.  We will acquire a ministry complex to faithfully serve the community of Brampton and other cities, while carrying out the work of ministry of fulfilling the Great Commission.  The acquisition of this ministry complex will be our new worship facility; the new home for Maranatha Christian Academy; the place to accommodate the growth and expansion of our local church ministries.  Living out the Great Commandment means, we will express God’s love and proclaim the Gospel through loving others in the various areas of ministry.  This ministry complex will provide space for our youth and children to express themselves in worship, fellowship and recreation.  We are a local church that believes in ministry to the “least of these” (Matthew 24:45).  So, in our expansion plans, community outreach space such as a drop-in centre for youth-at-risk will be given priority.  Educational space will be designated for the enhancement of leadership development of our young leaders through Christian education and academic careers.  This is a concise explanation of Ministry Vision 2025. 

You are encouraged to commit to this God-ordained Ministry Vision 2025.  Let us partner with God as he expands our local church ministries to fulfil the mission of the universal Church through mission and evangelism.  As we embark on Ministry Vision 2025, let me remind us of God’s promise to Joshua and the people of Israel in Joshua 1:8-9.  Like Joshua and the people of Israel, we are standing on the cusp of an amazing horizon of immeasurable ministry growth and Kingdom expansion.  The enormity of this God-ordained Ministry Vision 2025 may create some apprehension within the mind of some people.  Let me re-assure us God is in control.  The Church belongs to God.  He can calm every fear about the future.  God speaks to us through His Word.  To hear God’s voice and to eliminate any anxiety about the future, read God’s Word.  It is through God’s Word that we learn about His promises.  It is through God’s Word that He affirms His cogent truths to us.  So, we should never be apprehensive about the future.  There is no greater assurance than to know God’s promises are definitive.  Let me remind us of one of God’s re-assuring promises, “…for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9b, ESV).

The expected outcome of Ministry Vision 2025 is (1) to fulfill the vision and mission of the local church; (2) to fulfill the goals and objectives of the local church; (3) to ensure the ministry of the local church is effective and efficient and (4) to connect people to Jesus Christ and engage them in ministry.  At North Park Worship Centre we are passionate about an authentic Church culture of connecting, belonging and engaging.  What does this mean for you?  We believe you can:  (1) Connect – through a primary relationship with Jesus Christ and developing authentic relationships with one another; (2) Belong – to a healthy community in Jesus Christ and (3)  Engage – in missional ministry for Jesus Christ.  If you are interested in being part of a church community of stability and growth through God’s Word and ministry service, we encourage you to connect, belong and engage.

I am humbled by the opportunity to have served in the capacity of Lead Pastor for almost ten years.  As a church community, you have welcomed my family in your homes and hearts.  We have experienced and appreciated the expressions of your love shown to us.  We have experienced some challenges, but mostly we have enjoyed the journey.  We are excited about the future.  We anticipate continued service to you as a local church and the community.  To the long standing Friends of North Park, committed supporters, and new participants in our vision, we appreciate your commitment to this local church.  Thank you for all your contributions.  We anticipate your continued support.

Finally, I am delighted to welcome all guests and presenters to our 25th Anniversary Celebration.  We are honoured by the presence of our Mayor Linda Jeffrey, Civic Leaders, Bishop Dr. William Lamb and Pastor Derrick Cornwall as our keynote speakers.  I appreciate all Pastors and local churches that have supported us.  We represent the Body of Christ working together.  It is my prayer that we will be challenged by God’s Word and motivated by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Gospel.  Indeed, we have been “Anointed to Advance God’s Kingdom”.  Once again, Happy 25th Anniversary Celebration! 

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