Community Outreach Department

Part of Being a Community is About Helping Others

God uses His people to help those in need

The overarching aim of the Community Outreach department is to support individuals in need, who reside in our neighboring communities, members, as well as some individuals aboard where it is possible. The department operates two main categories of ministries:

  • Internal – Those are run exclusively by North Park.
  • External – Those that North Park runs in partnership with outside agencies.

We are able with a team approach to reach people at various points in their lives; empowering them through programs and responding to their urgent needs when they arise. Every year since 2016, North Park Worship Centre celebrates the achievements and efforts of our volunteers who dedicate themselves to do valuable work in the neighborhood of Brampton, Ontario and internationally – in the Caribbean diaspora.

Our Mission: “Making a difference in communities at home and abroad”.
Our Vision:    “Taking hold of opportunities to touch lives in our communities”.
Ministry Team: Mark Lawrence (Outreach Coordinator), Percival Plummer (Director) – Love Brampton, Shenelle Dunn (Director) – Regeneration/Coldest Night of the Year, and Veta Gooden (Director) – Samaritan’s Purse/Operations Christmas Child.

Internal North park Community Outreach Initiatives

External North Park Community Outreach Partners

North Park is one of several churches / ministries in the City of Brampton which leads Sunday Chapel Services at Brampton Civic Hospital. This is the result of a partnership with Brampton Ministerial, in cooperation with Brampton Civic Hospital Spiritual Care.  Our mandate is to ensure that patients, staff and visitors are supported with prayer and encouragement through God’s Word.

We are happy to be one of Knight’s Table’s community partners. This organization serves vulnerable members of the Brampton community by providing meals, food bank and other vital services. Many of our members and visitors support this ministry by donating items for the food bank, and volunteering to serve meals to those in need.

Every year, North Park partners with Love Brampton to demonstrate love to the vulnerable in Peel, through acts of kindness. The North Park team organizes the Barbeque event which feeds approximately 1,000 guests and volunteers of the Love Brampton Day. All forms of donations are appreciated.

North Park is one of Regeneration’s partners. We support this Brampton-based community outreach through donating items for their Thrift Shop and food program. Many of our members, youth and friends, offer their time volunteering to help support the most vulnerable in our community. Every year, North Park supports the Regeneration Outreach Community in its annual winter fundraising walk-a-thon, The Coldest Night of the Year. Our volunteers raise much needed funds for programs that support serving the hungry, hurting and homeless population in our community.

The Samaritan’s Purse is an organization that brings the message of Jesus by helping those who are in need, especially children. The North Park Worship Centre Sunday School began participating in the Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Project in 2005. It started with packing four boxes of toys, one per class, and grew to involve the entire church family. Every year, we pack hundreds of gift boxes that are sent to children all around the world. These Christmas boxes help to put a smile on children’s faces and provide an opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ. Watch for the box assembly in the lobby!

As part of our on-going commitment to serving our community, we have partnered with Tall Pines, a long-term care centre in Brampton. This partnership allows us to offer spiritual care to the residents, whom North Park considers to be an extension of our family. We participate in one-on-one visits, conduct services and plan social gatherings, including concerts.  When possible, we also assist in planning, and conducting memorial services as we celebrate the lives of residents who have passed.  And in the times of loss, we offer support to surviving family members.  

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